We have two types of clients—and therefore, two different offers!


Strategy & Briefs


  • Ideal if you have your own writers
  • Client input calls for each batch
  • Content calendar
  • Includes 10 briefs
  • Write and publish at your own pace
  • Scale up anytime
  • Performance analysis


from $2000monthly

  • Ideal if you want your content on autopilot
  • Client input calls every 3 months
  • Content calendar
  • 4 ready-for-publish articles per month
  • Monthly retainer
  • Scale up anytime
  • Performance analysis
  • Reoptimizations

Which plan is best for me?

This depends on your current situation. Let's have a closer look at both plans.

Strategy & Briefs

The Strategy & Briefs plan was designed for SaaS businesses that already have their own writers and just need a strategist to help them figure out how to execute content marketing.

This plan helps answer the following questions:

  • What topics should we cover next?
  • Does our content calendar make sense?
  • Can we rank for this?
  • Would writing a post about [topic] bring in any leads/trials for us?
  • Is this keyword worth targeting?

In addition, we'll deliver 10 high-quality briefs for your writers to turn into blog posts that rank, with all headers, talking points, links, and images—for the writer, it's just a "paint by numbers" game!


The Done-For-You plan is for SaaS businesses that do not have their own in-house team, nor the resources to manage freelancers.

This plan is on a monthly retainer and executed in three phases:

  • Research and ideation. During the first 1-2 weeks, we get to know everything about your product, customers, and competitors. This translates into what we call "client input calls", and we transform your expertise into content briefs—which will be turned into blog posts over the next three months.
  • Content production sprint. We prioritize and produce the next 4 posts for the month, and get a round of feedback from you.
  • Performance analysis. Every three months, we take a look at your content and how it's performing in terms of traffic and leads/trials generated. Reoptimizations occur if necessary.

While "4 posts a month" is what most of our clients need/budget for, we're happy to scale this up to 10 posts a month. 

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