About this project

This is a project we're still delivering for a SaaS that wishes to remain anonymized.

SaaS founders know the value of organic traffic. 

In most cases, they want to invest in content, but don’t have the time or in-house expertise/skills. 

No founder wants or can afford wasted effort and resources, especially when a strategy burns money and generates no results. 

What you need is to outsource content marketing to an agency that: 

  • Is SaaS-focused, with a track record of getting results
  • Creates helpful content that actually converts
  • Keeps the founders and brands tone of voice, audience, customers, and product in mind when creating content. 

Creating and publishing content that converts should be your #1 goal from SEO and content marketing activities.

This is what we did for this SaaS from the get-go.

Key results

For this SaaS client, ContentMethod’s challenge was to create content that ranks for keywords in the hyper-competitive project management tool segment. 

Our client is up against some big players, including some of the world’s largest project management software businesses.

Not only do they need a large volume of high-quality content, but they also need a strategy that will drive results: creating content that converts. 

The challenge

Competing against major companies like ClickUp or Monday.com is—at least for specific keywords—nearly impossible.

Because this client barely had any SEO presence, we had to start with niche-specific, bottom-of-funnel keywords.

The idea was to write a post for every topic related to their main use case. This, in turn, boosted their topical authority for this use case, and the money-making pages (think best tools for... [use case]) started ranking rapidly.

Today, we continue to deliver the following services for this SaaS client: 

  • SEO content marketing strategy, end-to-end service management; 
  • Article brief creation for bottom-of-funnel keywords, but also turning towards the top of the funnel now that we've got some SERP presence;
  • A mix of articles such a listicles, comparisons, and master guides.


Since working with ContentMethod: 

  • This client is ranking on page 1 of Google for 45+ high-intent, high-converting search terms
  • Traffic from SERPs has quadrupled in a little less than a year;
  • Sizeable impact on revenue ($2k+ newly added MRR).
We are thrilled with ContentMethod’s work. From detailed briefs to high-quality SEO articles every month. They always deliver! Our traffic keeps growing, and so do our conversion rates, with us ranking for a wider range of high-traffic and high-intent keywords. Content is now one of our main acquisition channels.

Founder & CEO

Next steps

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