About Onfolio

In 2022, Onfolio launched an IPO on the NASDAQ ($ONFO). It now has a portfolio of 20 digital and tech companies, such as niche websites and SaaS tools, that it’s bought and is continuing to build. 

Onfolio buys digital companies from independent entrepreneurs and grows them to their full potential.

With diversified holdings and years of marketing and operations experience, Onfolio mitigates the risks traditionally associated with an investment in digital companies.

As part of its own growth marketing plans, Onfolio created an online publication, Discourse. That’s where ContentMethod comes into the story.

Key results

For Onfolio, ContentMethod delivered the following: 

  • Over 30 high-quality, audience-centric long and short-form bottom, middle, and top-of-the-funnel articles; 
  • Every article involved in-depth research;
  • Several of them were a series of short-form articles for first-time startup founders and entrepreneurs;
  • Others were long-form, in-depth Question & Answer articles involving interviews with successful serial entrepreneurs;
  • Plus one 5,000 word long-form article on the best ways to generate revenue from Twitter.

Here are some examples of the articles ContentMethod produced for Discourse: 

3-5X Growth Isn’t Nice To Have, It’s Imperative: Your Path To Sustainable Revenue

Boost Your Growth by Building a Powerful Content Machine

Cashflow Matters: 9 Tips To Manage Your Startup Finances

The challenge

The idea behind Discourse was to create an online publication that would provide actionable insights and information for entrepreneurs, founders, and website owners.

Discourse would focus on Onfolio’s target audience: entrepreneurs, founders, and website owners building and growing businesses generating $500,000 or more in annual profits.

It’s these types of companies that Onfolio considers buying, so the aim was to use content to generate more traffic into the sales and marketing funnel.

As the audience grew, Discourse would help Onfolio pull in the types of entrepreneurs they want to connect with to increase their investment portfolio. 

Onfolio recruited an experienced entrepreneur, investor, and Editor in Chief, Juliet Lyall, to establish and grow Discourse. 

Articles for Discourse had to be: 

  • Original, interesting, and engaging;
  • Informative and actionable; 
  • Take readers into a data or example-backed deep dive into how they can achieve the results they need; 
  • Better than 99% of articles already in circulation! 

So, the Editor turned to Dominic and ContentMethod to get the results Onfolio needed. 


With ContentMethod’s help, Onfolio turned Discourse into a powerful content engine, driving traffic and sales leads for this emerging brand.

It helped Onfolio increase rankings, web traffic, and inbound sales leads. 

Here’s what the Editor in Chief had to say about working together:

I hired ContentMethod, with the services delivered by Dominic Tarn as a content writer while I built and launched Onfolio's new publication, Discourse. ContentMethod are consummate B2B content marketing professionals in everything they do - from email communications to producing a finished article on time. I valued Dominic's contribution to the Discourse project and hope to work with him and the ContentMethod team again in the future.

Juliet Lyall, Editor in Chief, Discourse, Onfolio

Next steps

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