About ManyRequests

ManyRequests is a white label client portal software for agencies.

The co-founder, Robin, was running an outsourcing business, but was juggling with different tools to manage daily operations.

At the same time, he also began writing about his experience running an agency, and created a successful community (over 6,500 members and counting!) of agencies and productized services businesses.

He and his co-founder decided to create a better way for agency owners to run their business.

Using ContentMethod’s services, ManyRequests managed to scale their web traffic from just 1000 visits/month to over 10,000—and made SEO their main acquisition channel for new trials.

Here’s the strategy we put together.

Key results

For ManyRequests, ContentMethod delivered the following: 

  • Over 40 high-quality blog posts;
  • A good mix of bottom and middle-of-funnel articles, targeting solution-aware buyers and driving most organic trials for ManyRequests today;
  • A couple of top-of-funnel posts to attract backlinks.

Here are some examples of articles ContentMethod produced for ManyRequests:

7 White-Label Project Management Software Suites To Try Out

How to Get More Clients on Upwork

7 Cold Email Scripts for Agencies That Actually Generate Sales

The challenge

Our first step—with any client—is to try and get a deeper understanding of their tool, their business, and their ideal customers.

So that's exactly what we did.

For a couple of months, we used ManyRequests as our own way to track and manage blog post requests and receive feedback from clients.

We also joined the Productized community to get first-hand insights on ManyRequests' ideal customers and their problems and jobs-to-be-done.

Finally, we conducted multiple interviews with Robin—the co-founder—to understand what the tool solves, and why their customers pick ManyRequests over the competition.

This "knowledge transfer" and research phase is crucial to produce articles that solve the audience's problems and convert well.

And it shows:


This is what Robin had to say about working with us:

For our SEO, I used to hire freelancers, give them a couple of keywords that would be good for us to target, publish, and hope for the best. This was often a hit or miss. With ContentMethod, all of that work (and more) was done for me, but I was allowed to share my insights and work on the content calendar with them. The results speak for themselves!

Robin, CEO at ManyRequests

Next steps

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